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Nursery (0-24 months / available both hours)
We provide dependable, safe, secure, and loving care to the youngest family members.
Toddlers (ages 2-3 / available both hours)
Toddlers play, learn, and grow together in a structured, nurturing environment.
Preschool (ages 4-5 / available both hours)
Our preschool class offers a variety of activities including arts and crafts, music and movement, and story time.
Kindergarten (ages 5-6 / available both hours)
Our youngest students enjoy a fun, multi-sensory approach to learning, with abundant, hands-on enrichment opportunities.
Becoming God's Princess (2nd - 5th / first hour)
Using real Bible stories of God's princesses, girls will explore what it means to follow Jesus and discover that they, too, are princesses - daughters of the King. (Please note: This class is designed for girls ages 8-11).
[FULL] Gym (1st - 6th / first hour)
Children of all skill and fitness levels are invited to have fun and keep their bodies moving! Gym class allows children to improve their physical skills, enjoy fitness, and build their confidence in a structured, non-competitive environment.
History Pockets: Ancient Civilizations (1st - 3rd / first hour)
Explore the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome through stories and crafts. We'll learn about what people ate, wore, and lived in, as well as important contributions.
[FULL] Little Scientists (1st - 3rd / first hour)
Come learn about the world around us! Through hands-on experiments, we will explore magnets, weather, nature, and how our bodies work.
Read It, Make It (1st - 3rd / first hour)
Encourage a love of reading! This class will bring favorite children's books to life through hands-on activities, crafts and projects.
[FULL] Crochet for Christmas (4th - 12th / first hour)
In this self-paced class, we will continue to master basic crochet stitches and reading patterns while learning new skills. We will make two beanies/hats (one to keep and one for charity). New and experienced crocheters welcome!
K'Nex Creations (4th - 6th / first hour)
This building class is sure to stimulate your student's curiosity and imagination! Working in groups, students will construct a wide variety of machines with moving parts, from helicopters to Ferris wheels.
[FULL] Mad Science (4th - 6th / first hour)
If it's messy, fun and unusual we're going to do it in this class! Bring safety goggles and your eagerness to experiment as we explore the mad world of science.
To Every Nation (4th - 6th / first hour)
In this class for mission-minded students, we will explore missionaries of the past and present while participating in weekly mission projects for local and global organizations. Students will learn that we are all called to missions through the Great Commission.
[FULL] Automotive Technology (7th - 12th / first hour)
This is an introduction to automotive systems. We will start with oil changes and basic maintenance. We will cover internal combustion engines to driveline, steering, suspension and other functions. Hands-on as availability and time allows.
[FULL] Dissection (7th - 12th / first hour)
This class will be an intensive exploration of dissection. Beginning with methodology and simple organisms, we will move on to more complex organisms like starfish and frogs. Each class will include a lecture and hands-on dissection.
[FULL] Simply Ballroom (7th - 12th / first hour)
Learn basic ballroom techniques and fundamentals, including partner dances like the waltz and foxtrot. For new and experienced dancers!
Voice Class (7th - 12th / first hour)
Voice Class will teach the foundations of singing by studying proper vocal techniques and song interpretation. At the end of the semester, there will be an optional vocal recital.
A Bug's Life (1st - 3rd / second hour)
If you thought bugs were for the birds, this fun class will change your mind! Come learn about bugs and insects of all shapes and sizes.
[FULL] Character Sketches (1st - 5th / second hour)
The very nature and character of God is seen all throughout His created universe. In this engaging class for children in 1st-5th grade, we will investigate Christian character traits that are illustrated in the Bible and the world of nature.
[CANCELLED] Irish Jigs (1st - 6th / second hour)
Experience the joy of Irish step dance! This energetic class will introduce the fundamentals of traditional Irish dance, including foot placement, body alignment and basic steps.
[FULL] Learning with LEGOS (1st - 3rd / second hour)
In this exciting Lego class, little builders will construct models, design experiments and solve problems in a challenging and fun atmosphere.
[FULL] Musical Theater (1st - 12th / second hour)
Our musical theater class offers children in grades 1-12 the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in a full-scale musical theater production. Students will learn vocal training, acting, and staging as they perform a production (TBD) from beginning to end. This is a full-year commitment requiring an additional $25 fee. [Course Fee: $25.00]
[FULL] Snap Circuits (4th - 6th / second hour)
This class is an introduction to the exciting world of electronics! Students will gain hands-on experience designing and building models of working electrical circuits.
[FULL] Strategy & Logic Games (4th - 6th / second hour)
Spend a fun-filled hour trying to outsmart and outmaneuver your friends! Bring a game to share, and/or explore new and exciting games that will keep the entire room buzzing.
The Romans are Coming! (4th - 6th / second hour)
Learn about the rise and fall of one of the most powerful empires of all time! We will explore the details of daily, military and religious life, as well as the geography and architecture of ancient Rome. Basic Latin vocabulary and arts & crafts will add to the adventure.
Bible Journaling (7th - 12th / second hour)
In this class, we will combine the truth of God's word with our own personal artwork and hand-lettering as a way to meditate and reflect on the Bible. No creative talent needed, just a desire to spend time in God's word.
R.E.A.D. (Read, Eat and Discuss) (7th - 12th / second hour)
This literature class will feature a book chosen by the class. Each week we will share snacks and discuss the assigned chapters in a relaxed environment.
[FULL] Survival Skills 2 (7th - 12th / second hour)
There are so many survival skills that we couldn't fit them all in one semester! Join us as we explore more ways to survive in a variety of situations. We'll focus more on urban and disaster scenarios.

The fall semester begins Monday, September 10th, 2018.  Please see the complete list of classes along with description and grade level below.  Click here to view the schedule.