Wisdom's Way


Nursery (0-24 months / available both hours)
We provide dependable, safe, secure, and loving care to the youngest family members.
Toddlers (ages 2-3 / available both hours)
Toddlers play, learn, and grow together in a structured, nurturing environment.
Preschool (ages 4-5 / available both hours)
Our preschool class offers a variety of activities including arts and crafts, music and movement, and story time.
Kindergarten (ages 5-6 / available both hours)
Our youngest students enjoy a fun, multi-sensory approach to learning, with abundant, hands-on enrichment opportunities.
Creative Creation (1st - 3rd / first hour)
This class will show God's power in creation! Each segment of the creation story from Genesis will be brought to life through science experiments and creative activities.
Gym (1st - 6th / first hour)
Children of all skill and fitness levels are invited to have fun and keep their bodies moving! Gym class allows children to improve their physical skills, enjoy fitness, and build their confidence in a structured, non-competitive environment.
Story Slime (1st - 3rd / first hour)
Each week students will read a story and make a slime to go along with it. This class will be hands-on and messy!
Wonderfully Made: The Human Body (1st - 3rd / first hour)
This hands-on class will teach students how fearfully and wonderfully our bodies are made, from head to toe, and how perfectly each one of us has been put together.
Crochet for Christ (4th - 12th / first hour)
This is a self-paced class. Beginning students will work on basic stitches, moving towards a spring scrap or cowl. Experienced students will work on making a sweater.
Divide and Conquer (4th - 6th / first hour)
Have you ever dreamed of a class where you could use candy, food, games and competitions to make math fun? This class is for you!
Paper Quilling (4th - 12th / first hour)
Learn the art of quilling: Rolling narrow strips of paper into circles, shaping them, and putting them together to make a variety of artwork, decorative designs and gifts.
Systems of the Body (4th - 6th / first hour)
Discover the many systems of the body and how they work through a variety of hands-on activities.
Applied Integrated Science Lab (7th - 12th / first hour)
This class will take an integrated approach to hands-on lab experiences, tying together chemistry, microbiology, genetics, forensics, food science and biotechnology.
Art: Meet the Masters (Upper Level) (7th - 12th / first hour)
This class allows students to become immersed in the world of a different artist each week through stories of their lives, pictures of their work, and step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the techniques used.
Automotive Technology II (7th - 12th / first hour)
In this continuing class, we will perform more hands-on repairs in greater detail, including in depth electrical diagnosis and repair. For new and returning students.
Art: Meet the Masters (Lower Level) (1st - 6th / second hour)
This class allows students to become immersed in the world of a different artist each week through stories of their lives, pictures of their work, and step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the techniques used.
Galloping the Globe (1st - 3rd / second hour)
Join an adventure that will take children to different countries around the world. While “visiting” the countries, children will explore the culture, the geography, famous people, music, animals, games, food and more!
Learn to Sign (1st - 3rd / second hour)
Young students will have fun learning American Sign Language, and using their signs to play games and have basic conversations.
Learn with Games (1st - 3rd / second hour)
Have fun while learning! Games teach and reinforce so many skills, like critical thinking, strategy, following directions and working cooperatively.
Seussical Jr. (1st - 12th / second hour)
This class is only open to students who were enrolled in Musical Theater during the fall semester.
Biomes: Minecraft and Beyond (4th - 6th / second hour)
Let's explore the major biomes of the world, with a little help from Minecraft. We'll learn about animals and plants that are unique to each biome, and how God created them to benefit from, and rely on, one another.
Invent It! (4th - 12th / second hour)
Each week, students will receive a STEM challenge and a mystery bag of supplies. They will use the supplies in the bag to design and build an invention to complete the challenge.
Knights & Dames, Lords & Ladies (4th - 6th / second hour)
Come learn about Europe in the Middle Ages! We will cover this exciting time in history through literature and hands-on activities.
Bible Journaling II (7th - 12th / second hour)
In the second semester of Bible Journaling, we will continue to combine the truth of God's word with our own personal artwork and hand-lettering as a way to meditate and reflect on the Bible. New students welcome!
World War II: A History (7th - 12th / second hour)
In this interactive class, students will explore the history of World War II, including the major players, the theaters, the events that led up to the war, and how it ended. The teacher's father, a veteran, will be helping to teach this class!

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The spring semester begins Monday, January 28th, 2019.  Please see the complete list of classes along with description and grade level below.  Click here to view the schedule.