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Homeschool Cooperative

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Nursery (0-24 months / available both hours)
We provide dependable, safe, secure, and loving care to the youngest family members.
Toddlers (ages 2-3 / available both hours)
Toddlers play, learn, and grow together in a structured, nurturing environment.
Preschool (ages 4-5 / available both hours)
Our preschool class offers a variety of activities including arts and crafts, music and movement, and story time.
Kindergarten (ages 5-6 / available both hours)
Our youngest students enjoy a fun, multi-sensory approach to learning, with abundant, hands-on enrichment opportunities.
Beginning Ballet (1st - 6th / first hour)
Students will learn basic ballet vocabulary and movements while being introduced to a ballet class setting.
Gym (1st - 6th / first hour)
Children of all skill and fitness levels are invited to have fun and keep their bodies moving! Gym class allows children to improve their physical skills, enjoy fitness, and build their confidence in a structured, non-competitive environment.
Little Amigos (1st - 3rd / first hour)
Learning a new language is fun! This class will introduce the basics: numbers, colors, the alphabet, greetings, and basic conversational phrases.
Storybook Geography (1st - 3rd / first hour)
Join us as we gallop around the globe using storybooks as our guide. Each week we will explore a new place on this planet using both stories and crafts.
Divide and Conquer (4th - 6th / first hour)
Have you ever dreamed of a class where you could use candy, food, games and competitions to make math fun? This class is for you! (Please note: Students should know basic math facts).
Quilting (4th - 12th / first hour)
Join us for an exciting adventure in quilting and create a beautiful keepsake. Students will tackle cutting, applique, piecing, sewing, sashing, borders, and binding as they complete four different quilt blocks.
Star Wars Science (4th - 6th / first hour)
In this fun, hands-on class, the Jedi Master will help young Padawans explore a variety of science topics and participate in some out-of-this-world STEM challenges.
ASL 102 (7th - 12th / first hour)
In this continuing course, students will learn more vocabulary, sign more complicated songs, and translate English into ASL and gloss. (Please note: This is a continued course with a prerequisite of ASL 101/Beginning Sign).
Intro to Google Docs and Slides (7th - 12th / first hour)
Students will learn how to use Google Docs individually and in collaboration with each other. Students will also create a PowerPoint presentation and co-write a short story together. (Please note: A laptop is required for this class).
Speech Boot Camp (7th - 12th / first hour)
This is a fast paced public speaking course. Students will be watching DVD's and practicing different types of speeches like self-introduction, narrative, descriptive and persuasive speeches.
Strategy Games and More (7th - 12th / first hour)
The second semester of Strategy Games will introduce a variety of challenging new games, and even move outside to the gaga pit!
Creative Writing (1st - 3rd / second hour)
This engaging class will encourage self-expression, creativity, and confidence as students learn the basics of writing. Working individually and in groups, students will learn to write sentences, poetry, and a small book.
Move to the Beat (1st - 3rd / second hour)
Move your body to the beat in this fast-paced class for music lovers. Listen to music from today, yesterday and all over the world while learning basic music concepts.
Musical Revue (1st - 12th / second hour)
Join us for a fun semester of singing, acting and dancing! Our first musical revue will teach students what it takes to put on a show, as well as basic acting, singing and dancing techniques. The show will be created around our students so we can showcase their individual talents at our spring performance. [Course Fee: $25.00]
Nature Study (1st - 3rd / second hour)
Let's study the natural world around us, from the clouds in the sky to the different types of seeds. This hands-on class will help students discover the amazing world outside.
Beginning ASL (4th - 6th / second hour)
Come along on a fun journey as we learn to talk with our hands. We will start by learning the alphabet and numbers, moving into more conversational signing as the class progresses.
Crochet for Christ (4th - 6th / second hour)
This self-paced class is open to all skill levels. Students who have mastered the basics will move on to "granny squares". We will be working together to complete a project for charity.
Ohio History Lapbook (4th - 6th / second hour)
Students will learn the key points of Ohio history by making and decorating their very own lapbooks. A short presentation on a famous Ohioan is required.
Team Challenges (4th - 6th / second hour)
As a team, build a bridge out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Work together to move a pile of ping-pong balls from one location to another…without touching the balls directly. The hands-on projects in Team Challenges teach children to think outside the box, communicate clearly, and cooperate with each other.
Ballroom Basics (7th - 12th / second hour)
Learn basic ballroom dance technique and fundamentals, including dances like the waltz and foxtrot.
Craftastic (7th - 12th / second hour)
If you love Pinterest, this class is for you! Explore a variety of crafting techniques like beading, string art and card-making.
Survival Skills (7th - 12th / second hour)
Could you survive in the wilderness for 72 hours with minimal supplies? What if you were lost in a remote location with no cell service? In this class you'll learn some basic survival skills, as well as gear you should always have on hand.
The Hot Wire Styro-Slicer (7th - 12th / second hour)
Back by popular demand! In this class, students will build a battery-operated hot wire foam cutter that will cut precision shapes from Styrofoam sheets. (Please note: This class will utilize power drills, screwdrivers, and X-Acto knives).   [Course Fee: $25.00]

The spring semester begins Monday, January 22nd, 2018.  Please see the complete list of classes along with description and grade level below.  Click here to view the schedule.