Homeschool Cooperative

Wisdom's Way

Nursery (0-24 months / available both hours)
We provide dependable, safe, secure, and loving care to the youngest family members.
Toddlers (ages 2-3 / available both hours)
Toddlers play, learn, and grow together in a structured, nurturing environment.
Preschool (ages 4-5 / available both hours)
Our preschool class offers a variety of activities including arts and crafts, music and movement, and story time.
Kindergarten (ages 5-6 / available both hours)
Our youngest students enjoy a fun, multi-sensory approach to learning, with abundant, hands-on enrichment opportunities.
American Girl History (1st - 3rd / first hour)
Join us for a fun introduction to American History using the American Girl Historical Dolls: Felicity, Caroline, and Kirsten (1774-1854). We’ll learn through books, crafts, recipes, and celebrate with a few tea parties!
Book'nic (1st - 3rd / first hour)
A book'nic is a reading picnic - with books as the main course! In this literacy-themed class we will read, eat and create. This semester we will focus on God’s amazing animals!
Conversations with Composers (1st - 3rd / first hour)
A fun introduction to famous composers that includes listening to classical music, reading picture books, art, and activities.
Grow Your Garden (1st - 3rd / first hour)
This class will introduce children to the wonderful world of gardening! A fun assortment of activities and projects will encourage children to learn, grow, and get messy.
Cold-Case Christianity (4th - 6th / first hour)
Using the techniques of a real-life detective, students will test witnesses, examine the evidence, and investigate the case for Christianity.
Gym (4th - 6th / first hour)
This class will allow students ages 9-12 the opportunity to improve their physical skills, enjoy fitness, and practice teamwork.
Hooked on Crochet (4th - 12th / first hour)
Come learn the fun art of crochet! Beginning students will learn the basics of crochet, while more advanced students will create their own projects.
Revolutionary Heroes (4th - 6th / first hour)
In this engaging class, students will step into the shoes of Revolutionary-era patriots and explore the events that shaped America's fight for independence.
Build Your Own Business (7th - 12th / first hour)
This class is for students who are interested in starting their own business and becoming an entrepreneur.
Intro to Interior Design (7th - 12th / first hour)
Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Interior Design. We will be learning and creating with science, technology, engineering, art and math. [Course Fee: $10.00]
Teen Book Club I (7th - 12th / first hour)
Join us for an engaging book club that blends pleasure reading, novel study, and lively student-led conversations.
What Do You Think? (7th - 12th / first hour)
Stretch your brain in this interactive class focused on group discussion and engaged critical thinking.
Craft Lab (1st - 3rd / second hour)
Learn fun handicrafts and how to repurpose materials to create art, gifts, and things you can wear.
Lego Builders (1st - 3rd / second hour)
Young architects will enjoy working together as they complete building challenges and learn about different structures.
Nature Connection (1st - 3rd / second hour)
Come explore God’s amazing creation! Learn about bees, trees, and so much more through books, crafts, and activities.
Theater (1st - 12th / second hour)
Next year our theater class will be performing an outdoor musical revue/variety show! Every student will get a chance to shine as they sing, dance, and act on stage. Please note that theater is a year-long commitment with a one-time class fee of $50. Auditions will take place before the semester begins. Students must be able to read a script in order to participate. There will be parent volunteer requirements throughout the year. [Course Fee: $50.00]
Geography on a Mission (4th - 6th / second hour)
Travel around the world as we study geography, cultures, religions, and missions.
Hands-On Energy (4th - 6th / second hour)
Explore the physical science topic of energy in a fun, hands-on way.
Project Art (4th - 6th / second hour)
Young artists will explore many different types of art mediums including mixed media, painting, watercolor, chalk pastel, & recycled art. [Course Fee: $10.00]
Sew It! (7th - 12th / second hour)
We will start by learning basic sewing skills and advance to altering ready-to-wear garments. We will be learning skills such as hemming, making a garment bigger or smaller, replacing a zipper, adding trim or pockets and more! Students must bring their own sewing machine and scissors each week.
Strategy & Logic Games (7th - 12th / second hour)
Spend a fun-filled hour trying to outsmart and outmaneuver your friends! Bring a game to share, and/or explore new and exciting games that will keep the entire room buzzing.
Teen Book Club II (7th - 12th / second hour)
Join us for an engaging book club that blends pleasure reading, novel study, and lively student-led conversations.


Since 2000

The fall semester begins Monday, September 9th, 2024.  Please see the complete list of classes along with description and grade level below.  Click here to view the schedule.