Wisdom's Way


Since 2000

Homeschool Cooperative

Our Vision

  • To glorify God as we combine the strengths and talents of each homeschooling family
  • To enrich the educational experiences of each of our students by providing an environment of love, fellowship, and encouragement as we grow together in Christ

Our Mission

  • To provide Christ-centered quality educational programs in support of homeschooling families by offering classes that enable all children to participate within their age and grade level
  • To enhance and supplement the homeschooling journey in a relaxed, non-traditional atmosphere with teachers who are passionate about Christ

Our Leadership Team

  • Laura Hoevener - Director
  • Cathy Sager - Class Coordinator
  • Theresa Tetrault - Hospitality
  • Naomi Mize - Early Childhood Coordinator
  • Lauren Yoxthimer - Treasurer
  • Arica Harrell - Cleaning & Facilities
  • Rebekah Wolf - Supply Closet